China Universal Asset Management Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as "China Universal" or "CUAM") is an international and energetic company that built a culture of "client first,integrity, passion, teamwork and gratitude", and devoted to becoming a high-quality "happy" fund company.

After years of efforts, China Universal has formed six business areas, including mutual funds, internet finance, segregated account management, private equity, international business and pension management, through active equity investment, index investment, fixed Income investment, overseas investment and alternative investment. As of 2018 Q4, we manage assets nearly RMB 700 billion and serve customers over 80 million, which is at the forefront of the industry. According to Galaxy Securities Fund Research Center, China Universal is ranked as the top 1 in equity asset actively managed during the past five years among top ten fund companies.

Fund products managed by China Universal include equity funds, index funds, hybrid funds, guaranteed funds, bond funds, money market funds and QDII(Qualified Domestic Institutional Investor) funds, ranked eighth* in the industry in terms of size of mutual fund as of 2018 Q4. As of 2018 Q4, we have managed 120 mutual funds, providing a full spectrum of products for investors. Funds managed by China Universal have been through bear and bull markets and delivered excellent long-term returns, leading in the industry.

China Universal is committed to being expert in stock selection, and has formed a set of effective individual stock research methods. It has been proved from practice that, regardless of the bull market or bear market, China Universal is able to discover a number of high-quality companies which can obtain high absolute income, thus resulting in full recognition from investors.

China Universal has also led the market with strong innovation capability for a long time, and succeeded in issuing China's first "T+0" money market fund in the exchange, financial funds, SSE (Shanghai Stock Exchange) Composite Index Fund, precious metal funds, contrarian investment funds, private enterprise funds, leveraged Hong Kong stock structured funds, the first cross-market industry ETF, the first fund credit card which money market fund can repay credit cards , and the first money market fund that is sold online and guarantees "T+0" cash withdrawal.

China Universal has complete business licenses, and is the first in the industry that obtained QDII qualifications, and also one of the first batch of asset management companies that is approved to establish overseas subsidiaries. China Universal Asset Management (Hong Kong) (hereinafter referred to as China Universal Hong Kong or CUAM HK) was established in November 2009, and is an important platform for China Universal to carry out cross-border business and cooperation. In December 2011, China Universal Hong Kong obtained RQFII qualification and RMB 1.1 billion quota in the first batch. China Universal RMB bond fund became one of the first RQFII fund products, and offered direct investment channels to the mainland of China for Taiwan RMB investors through Taiwan's offshore banking unit together with Standard Chartered Bank. In February 2015, China Universal Hong Kong obtained the QFII license issued by the China Securities Regulatory Commission.

China Universal is one of the first batch in the industry that obtained segregated account management qualification, and the first to set up a professional team to carry out the segregated account business. China Universal has accumulated a wealth of experience in segregated account management, with leading segregated account asset in the industry and impressive investment performance, and has good reputation and huge appeal among high-end customers.

China Universal currently has domestic and overseas National Social Security Fund (NSSF) asset manager qualification and basic pension insurance asset manager qualification. At the beginning of 2013, China Universal set up a subsidiary in Shanghai, China Universal Capital Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as China Universal Capital or CUAM Capital), whose business is asset management for specific customers and other business approved by China Securities Regulatory Commission(CSRC). In the future, China Universal Capital will actively expand the non-secondary market investment business, including asset securitization investment, infrastructure investment, private equity and other business.

While the asset management business is booming, China Universal also insists on sound corporate governance system and scientific corporate culture. China Universal is the first Chinese member of Asian Corporate Governance Association (ACGA). China Universal is dedicated to providing employees with sound career plan and career development platform, and strives to create a pleasant working environment, thus cultivating loyalty and sense of belonging among employees.

Since established, China Universal has received awards many times, including Golden Bull Award of China's Fund Industry, China's Star Fund Award, Golden Tripod Award and many other top honors. In addition, China Universal has been awarded "Top Ten Star Fund Company", "Star Fund Company with Five-year Sustainable return ", "Most Influential Fund Company", "Best Bond Investment Company", "Most Respectable Fund Company", "Best Management Team", "Best Innovative Product", "Best Investor Education", "Shanghai Financial Innovation First Prize", "Excellence Employer - China's Greatest Company to Work", and so on.

"A nine-storied tower rises from a heap of earth; a journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step." Since established, China Universal has attracted Chinese and foreign elites with the first-class enterprise culture, developed popular products, established efficient distribution channels, provided customers with high-quality service, carried out first-class investment risk management, adhered to the value investment based on in-depth fundamental research in the long term, and created long-term, stable and outstanding investment returns for investors.

China Universal always adheres to the principle "Clients First", constantly strives to enhance service capabilities and improve customer experience, and provide efficient, thoughtful and professional financial services for the majority of investors.

Through the concerted efforts of all staff and long-term unremitting struggle, China Universal has developed into one of the best asset management companies in China, one of the best managers of China's relevant assets in the global asset management industry, and one of the most influential companies with the best team and the most stable performance.

*Note: AUM excludes money market fund and short-term wealth management products.

Client First

The long-term interests of our clients are our primary consideration. We are dedicated to serving our clients with enthusiasm and professionalism and firmly believe that their success is a measure of our own success.


Only those with passion will succeed. Therefore, we always take a proactive view towards life and people. We are not afraid of obstacles and challenges, and bring warmth and comfort to the people we work with and work for.


Every single successful venture at China Universal relies on teamwork. We appreciate and trust in a team of responsible and cooperative employees rather than individual stars.


We hold to the highest standard of integrity here at China Universal. We are open and frank to everyone, including clients, colleagues, friends, and competitors. We strictly abide by domestic and international laws, rules, and regulations.


At China Universal, every employee is aware of and possesses a sincere sense of gratitude. We are grateful to all who have helped us and all who place their trust in us.

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