Active Management, Deep Fundamental Research, Delivering Alpha to Our Clients

Investment Philosophy

We believe that high quality fundamental research coupled with active management will enable us to identify opportunities in the market and generate alpha over the medium to long term in a fast growing emerging market like China.

Our obvious strengths include our strong commitment to fundamental stock research, our proven ability in asset allocation, our demonstrated ability to appropriately interpret macro indicators, and a strong network of intermediaries for effective and timely execution.

Investment Process

China Universal adopts a holistic approach to investing. We are an active manager employing in-depth, bottom-up fundamental research to identify winning stocks.

Our overall investment process focuses on three key points:

  • Strict risk control through relatively balanced asset allocation.
  • Focus on stock selection on the basis of in-depth fundamental research.
  • Promote teamwork and utilize the collective intelligence of our investment personnel.

  • Idea Generation
  • Strategists
  • Strategic view
  • Market analysis
  • Macro analysis
  • Investment theme
  • Asset allocation
  • Fundamental Research
  • Sector Analysts
  • Securities analysis
  • Sector analysis
  • Industry analysis
  • Policy changes
  • International effects
  • Portfolio Construction
  • Fund Managers
  • Market, sector, and securities view
  • Quantitative input
  • Risk Assessment
  • Securities list & allocation
  • Investment Committee reviews
  • Set investment guidelines
  • Portfolio Execution
  • Fund Managers
  • Model portfolio
  • Trading and execution

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