Fund Manager Perspective (31 March 2018)

Growth stocks were ultra-buoyant in March. With the market fluctuations sharply expanded and the market trend poising for a shift in February, the growth stocks remarkably outperformed the blue-chip stocks in March, with the substantial drops of the blue chips compared with the significant increases of the growth stocks.... Read More →

Fund Manager Perspective (30 June 2018)

The escalation of the Sino-US trade war led to an across-the-board decline in the stock market. After the US government announced that it would impose a 25% tariff on about 50 billion US dollars of goods imported from China on June 15, China also decided a 25% tariff on 50 billion US dollars of goods imported from the US on June 16. Earlier, China had declared that it would reduce the vehicle tariff rate to 15%, and after the announcement an additional 25% tariff will be imposed on the vehicles involved.... Read More →

Fund Manager Perspective (30 September 2018)

The redemption and stop-loss funds have continued to withdraw from the market. The market continued to look for its own bottom level and initially stabilized in late September. In the first week of October, with the US interest rate hike and the rising oil prices, the US stock market dropped significantly, driving the global stock market to go down, which will act as another test for the bottom level of the Chinese stock market. ... Read More →

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